Frequently asked questions

Do I still need to use my existing planning files?

No. Our planning packs are working documents and are designed to replace your existing planning paperwork. However, you do need to archive your current planning system in case you need to show Ofsted. Our packs are designed to be used in a ring binder or lever arch file.

How can I show that my planning is based around childrens individual interests?

There are lots of blank activity sheets and enhancement charts as well as a flexi plan in the books, that can be used to provide additional planning. It is very important that any planning should be responsive and that something as simple as a visit from the window cleaner can change the days activites. Bright Look planning has plenty of space to record these events and make sure you are meeting individual interests.

Can I reuse the books/packs

As working documents our planning is designed to be used once and then archived as evidence. There are a large range of titles available that can be purchased over again as different children enter the setting.

Which type of planning will be best for my setting?

Our planning packs are designed to be used in a ring binder, making it easy to add pages or documents as required by the setting. All adult focused activities have been levelled and can be used from birth to 5 years making them ideal for mixed age groups and for showing differentiation between childrens abilities.

Our planning books are spiral bound and printed in colour. Although they have been specifically designed for children 30-60 months the activities can be extended using the blank activity sheets and there is a flexi plan that can be used for special events and short term planning such as a festival or one off events.

Can child-minders use Bright Look?

Yes the levelled activities and flexible approach are ideal for childminders. All the adult led activities can be completed in a home based setting with children of different ages and stages of development.

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